The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas – Kauhale Market and Mea Ono

KAUHALE MARKET at The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas

Kauhale, or place of gathering, is a destination in itself. This onsite market offers food, gifts and other products, many of which support the local community and promote Hawaiian culture. Whether you are just arriving on vacation and stocking up or need last minute souvenirs, Kauhale has it all.


Inspired by the traditional Hawaiian quilts, this design embraces the flora and fauna of the Hawaiian people. The green pattern is the “kalo” or a kind of aroid cultivated since ancient times for food, spreading widely from the tropics of the Old World. The blue one is breadfruit (‘ulu), a nutritious and versatile fruit. The red one is “Ohelo”. The story of the Ohelo berry is: in a significant time in history the ohelo berry symbolizes change. Good change. In ancient times the first picking of an ohelo berry were given to Pele. And lastly, the yellow is the Pikake. The Pikake was the favorite flower of princess Ka’iulani.  The princess was an early ambassador of Hawai’i which ties into the hospitality theme.

MEA ‘ONO (Grab 'n Go Store) at The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas


The logo evokes fun and inspire a sense of palatable flavors without representing a specific type of food group. The colors were selected with the intent to attract the guest’s eye. “Delicious Things” was added so that the viewer can understand the true meaning of Mea ‘Ono.

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